Improv Classes

  • Improvisation frees you up and releases creativity while building confidence.  It is the key to freedom for performers, public speakers and personally.
  • Learn to think outside the box and free up your imagination. Lose performance anxiety and reduce stress. It has been proven that improvisation can lessen anxiety and help with depression.
  • The General Improv Class is a chance to ‘dip your toes and start to learn improv skills. This class is suitable for all levels of experience including absolute beginners, strengthening both your social and acting skills. Each week a different improv rule and skills is taught for the first half of the class and then students get to work and improve on what they have learnt.   
  • The Advanced Improv/Perform Workshop is about taking improv skills and stage presence to the next level. We work on various games and activities for 4 weeks and in week 5, students can invite friends and whanau to watch an informal showcase night of fun, craziness and laughter!

“Best improv class I have ever been to.  The tutor did not do a lot of waffling but instead directed us as we worked.  It meant we all got tons of floor time and so progressed quickly.  Every week was filled with laughter and my confidence increased at a rapid rate.  It enabled me to be a more dynamic public speaker at work and I lost my fear of performing in front of a crowd.  I highly recommend these classes.” (Courtney – Events Coordinator)
“I ended up taking Sioux’s Improv classes for  5+ years.  My work at that time was incredibly stressful so the classes were awesome escapism. The fun, learning and laughter every week kept me coming back for more!  I loved the freedom that Sioux gave us to experiment while also encouraging and coaching from the side to help improve scenes and performances.”  (Jenny Liu – Doctor)