Acting, Improvisation, Screen Acting Auckland – Welcome to Cutting Edge Drama

All of our classes will help you to lose anxiety about being in the limelight and improve your social skills. Discover your true potential in a fun, creative and supportive environment.  Not sure? Then take advantage of a $15.00 trial class in both the Acting Skills and Improvisation classes.

Improvisation and Acting Skills classes are an awesome way to overcome shyness or fear of being in front of an audience. They are the key to freedom! Many people have shared feedback that their lives changed after these classes as they overcame their performance anxiety and learned how to be more spontaneous.

Screen Acting classes specifically focus on skills necessary for successful auditioning or acting on screen.  We also teach you about what is expected in the industry and how to achieve that.

We run Corporate Team Building Workshops in Auckland, using improvisation as the tool. We can come to you or arrange an outside venue.  These workshops are an amazing way to bond with workmates while having fun! They bring people closer, improve communication while enhancing team dynamics.  We have worked with businesses, such as Xero NZ Limited and Carat NZ Limited, who found the workshops invaluable.

At Cutting Edge Drama we are passionate about teaching acting but not ‘Drama Queens’ when it comes to our fees – we keep it totally affordable!


Director of Cutting Edge Drama, Sioux Manning, has over 30 years experience in the business. Her unique, dynamic style of tutoring encourages everyone to build confidence and reach their full potential.

About Us

Sioux SMith Our dynamic Auckland based acting classes are not just for people with a desire to act. They are also an awesome way to build both personal and work confidence.  My passion is teaching and enabling people to become more empowered; whether it be in acting or socially.

What makes an actor interesting to watch and more natural in front of the camera or how do you create tension on screen? These are some of the areas explored in the Screen Classes.  If you want to audition for, or work in film and TV,  we will teach you the vital skill base.

Courses are a stress free way to learn how to take presentation skills to a higher level and gain that necessary edge to stand out from the competition! Improvisation classes are a fun way to learn how to take risks and think faster on your feet.

I have found that students self esteem flourishes as a result of what they learn in the classes.  My belief is that positive and constructive feedback is a very powerful teaching tool. Even the shyest students gain tremendous confidence through attending the classes. 

Sioux Manning – Artistic Director CED (Actor/Teacher/Director)


What people say about CED...

"If you are unsure about giving drama a go I highly recommend Sioux's classes. I am naturally a shy and quiet person and she gave me the keys to unlock my ability to express myself more confidently in work and social situations. I was not having a lot of luck in job interviews and with Sioux's mentoring, I was able to become more assertive, creative and Yay! I got a job. The classes are exhuberant, astounding and full of humour." - Judy
"I very much enjoyed the classes I did with Sioux Smith. I gained insight into some valuable skills around presentations that I have already greatly benefitted from in business." - Phillip Hart Business Manager - Carat NZ
"Doing Sioux's classes proved to be a major breakthrough for me. Her knowledge and insight enabled me to be a more dynamic presentator at work. The classes were a great boost each week and have been invaluable for my confidence." - Malcolm
"I have to do alot of presentations in my job and Sioux's classes enabled me to become a more confident and dynamic public speaker. An added bonus was that the classes were so much fun and a great way to release stress." - Jonathon
"Cutting Edge Drama was a good move for me. I was able to up my acting skills and as a result I scored a great part in the current 'Spartacus' series." - Barry Duffield