CUTTING EDGE DRAMA offer Auckland classes for Adults that will build your work and personal confidence.  We run both Confidence Building Classes and Improvisation Classes

All these classes are about learning how to play again in a welcoming, fun and supportive environment. Build confidence and enjoy the pure escapism! The added bonus is picking up some awesome acting skills along the way. No previous experience is needed – just a willingness to give it a go. The skills learnt will help you to engage more fully and confidently in life.

The Confidence Building Class is a wonderful way to build both personal and work confidence. If you get anxious about work presentations, this class will teach you how to be a more confident and dynamic presenter. If you are socially challenged learn how to conquer those nerves and self doubts which will help make your social interactions easier.  Keen to pursue a career in acting?  These classes will prepare you with an invaluable ‘Acting Toolkit’.

The General Improv Class is an amazing way to ‘dip your toes’ into improvisation and lose anxiety about being in the limelight.  The emphasis is on fun and teamwork and the class is suitable for all levels of ability including absolute beginners. The Advanced Improv/Perform Class is a chance to showcase skills learnt to friends and family on the last evening of the term. 

The Corporate Team Building Workshops use improvisation as the tool. Workshops are an amazing way to bond with workmates while having fun!  Improve communication while enhancing team dynamics.

Some feedback from people who have taken the classes:

“Your classes have been such a big help for my happiness, confidence, and general well-being over the last year or so. I came to your improv classes with the aim of becoming a more social person, but I’ve gained so much more than that. I’ve become a freer, more relaxed, more creative individual, and have made some great friends along the way”. (Richard Charleston)”
Best acting class I have ever been to.  The tutor did not do a lot of waffling but instead directed us as we worked.  It meant we all got tons of floor time and so progressed quickly.  Every week was filled with laughter and my confidence increased at a rapid rate.  It enabled me to be a more dynamic public speaker at work and I lost my fear of performing in front of a crowd.  I highly recommend these classes.” (Courtney – Events Coordinator)
“I ended up taking Sioux’s Improv classes for  5+ years.  My work at that time was incredibly stressful so the classes were awesome escapism. The fun, learning and laughter every week kept me coming back for more!  I loved the freedom that Sioux gave us to experiment while also encouraging and coaching from the side to help improve scenes and performances.”  (Jenny Liu – Doctor)
“These classes changed my life.  I was training as a teacher and had serious confidence issues which was very stressful for me.  Sioux was such a supportive and positive tutor who encourages everyone to be the best version of themselves that they can. The class content was always so fresh and exciting that my Tuesday class became the highlight of my week.  My confidence just soared after several terms and I lost my anxiety about being in front of a class.”  (Andrea – Teacher)
“I work in a very driven and competitive industry, so I went along to these classes for the total escapism as mentioned on the website.  They were not wrong!  I found the hour and a half  a week that I spent in the class was enough to recharge me for the week ahead at work.  The added benefit was that my presentation skills also went up to the next level.”  (Falau – IT Specialist


At Cutting Edge Drama we are passionate about teaching acting but not ‘Drama Queens’ when it comes to our fees – we keep it totally affordable!




Sioux SMith

 My classes are an awesome way for anyone to build both their personal and work confidence.  I create a welcoming and supportive environment within which people can experiment and release their inner creativity.  Watching student self-esteem flourish as a result of what they learn is incredibly uplifting.  My belief is that positive and constructive feedback is one of the most powerful teaching tools.  Even the shyest people gain amazing confidence from taking the classes. I believe in what I do!