Acting & Advanced Masterclass Classes

Acting/Drama Skills Classes

  • Suitable for all levels of ability including people with no previous experience. Classes are brilliant escapism from life’s stresses and an excellent way to learn acting, auditioning and presentation skills. 
  • If you struggle with shyness these classes are guaranteed to build your confidence .  The class environment is fun and supportive.
  • Class content includes script work, improvisation, voice work, scene study, characterisation and much more.
  • Each block of classes is new content so students tend to return term after term.

Acting Masterclass: Advanced

  • Suitable for people with some previous acting experience as we work in-depth on acting skills
  • Learn how to create a character from the ground up!
  • Teaches you how to bring a script to life off the page.
  • Work on backstories, mannerisms, accents, physicality and more.
  • Great for people serious about acting, getting into the industry or improving their work presentation skills
These classes changed my life.  I was training as a teacher and had serious confidence issues which was very stressful for me.  Sioux was such a supportive and positive tutor who encourages everyone to be the best version of themselves that they can. The class content was always so fresh and exciting that my Tuesday class became the highlight of my week.  My confidence just soared after several terms and I lost my anxiety about being in front of a class.  I highly recommend Cutting Edge Drama.  (Andrea – Teacher)
I work in a very driven and competitive industry, so I went along to these classes for the total escapism as mentioned on the website.  They were not wrong!  I found the hour and a half  a week that I spent in the class was enough to recharge me for the week ahead at work.  The added benefit was that my presentation skills also went up to the next level.  (Alex – IT Specialist)

These classes run all year on Tuesdays at the Grey Lynn Community Centre