Sioux SMith

Students can feel nervous when they think about joining a Drama Class. It often means stepping out of their comfort zone. Here are some of the most common questions that people ask me when they are thinking about joining a class. It will help you if you are wondering about taking the leap and giving acting a go!

Sioux Manning
Artistic Director CED (trained actor/teacher/director)

Q. I am quite shy but would like to give acting a go. I haven’t had any experience in acting before so I am quite nervous. Will I fit in?

A. The classes are friendly and welcoming and everyone is encouraged to be part of the group. I make sure that all levels of ability are catered for and create a safe and positive environment. People are constantly suprised at how comfortable they feel in classes.

Q. I have to do presentations at work. How can these classes help with this?

A. These classes will teach you the skills necessary to be a more confident and dynamic speaker. Learn how to engage your audience at both a logical and emotional level. A lot of corporate people come to classes to help them lose the nervousness they feel when they have to do public speaking.

Q. I want to be a more confident person. Will acting help me with this?

A. Acting is a fun and easy way to build your confidence and self esteem. It teaches you how to mix with many different people and handle various situations more assertively.

Q. What actually happens in the classes?

A. First there is a warm up followed by some group work. No one has to work on their own. Students then learn different acting techniques e.g. characterisation, building suspense or tension, voice work etc. It varies every week and I use a mix of scripts and improv to teach the skills.

Q. Will it be fun?

A. People who come to the classes say it is their weekly fix of total escapism! Acting is really just playing. It is fun to pretend and people find it exciting to play at being all sorts of different characters.With my unique and positive way of teaching drama, students are guaranteed an amazing experience of learning and fun. There is a lot of laughter in the classes and people go home happy.

Q. What type of people come to the classes?

A. All ages and a wide range of ethnic groups, including European, Maori and Pasifika,  Asian, British, Russian, Spanish, Columbian ,Brazilian just to name a few come to the classes. The ratio of men to women in a class is usually pretty equal.

Q. I am bored and would like to try acting as a hobby. I just want to have some fun and don’t really want to take it any further than that. Would these classes suit me?

A. Absolutely. Say goodbye to boredom! The classes are dynamic, fun and you will discover new sides to yourself that that you didn’t even realize existed.

Q. I notice you have an offer of one class for $20.00 on the website. If I come and do a trial will there be any pressure to join.

A. Absolutely not! The trial is there for people who want to come and take a look.  There is no pressure to join.