What people say about CED…

“If you are unsure about giving drama a go I highly recommend Sioux’s classes. I am naturally a shy and quiet person and she gave me the keys to unlock my ability to express myself more confidently in work and social situations. I was not having a lot of luck in job interviews and with Sioux’s mentoring, I was able to become more assertive, creative and Yay! I got a job. The classes are exhuberant, astounding and full of humour.”
– Judy

“I very much enjoyed the classes I did with Sioux Smith. I gained insight into some valuable skills around presentations that I have already greatly benefitted from in business.”
– Phillip Hart
Business Manager – Carat NZ

“Doing Sioux’s classes proved to be a major breakthrough for me. Her knowledge and insight enabled me to be a more dynamic presentator at work. The classes were a great boost each week and have been invaluable for my confidence.”
– Malcolm

“I have to do alot of presentations in my job and Sioux’s classes enabled me to become a more confident and dynamic public speaker. An added bonus was that the classes were so much fun and a great way to release stress.”
– Jonathon

“Cutting Edge Drama was a good move for me. I was able to up my acting skills and as a result I scored a great part in the current ‘Spartacus’ series.”
– Barry Duffield