Cutting Edge In Business

Learn Business Presentation and Public Speaking Skills

This Auckland based company will teach you skills to become a confident and dynamic speaker

  • Confidence training for people who have to do presentations or public speaking of any kind
  • Learn strategies to engage an audience at both an emotional and logical level
  • Many people cite public speaking as their biggest fear; with failure as the base emotion. Learn how to overcome this nervousness and present with confidence

“I very much enjoyed the classes I attended with my company. They gave me some invaluable skills which I have already greatly benefited from.”
– Phillip Hart (Business Director for Carat New Zealand)

Do you want to:

  • Stand out from the competition and maximise your personal impact when presenting
  • Overcome performance anxiety to become a more confident, credible and powerful public speaker
  • Be more dynamic and powerful and transform both your personal and professional life
  • Feel more empowered and confident as you learn how to open up your body language and opitimise your voice

What people say about Sioux…

“Thanks to personal training sessions in Auckland with Sioux I was able to feel more confident while doing presentations at work. My nerves used to get the better of me and so my talks tended to be to be long winded and boring. I am now able to easily engage people in a more dynamic and enjoyable way. I learnt that how I present is equally as important as the content. This has boosted my confidence and broken down previous barriers that prevented me from putting my point across effectively and memorably.”
– Marcus (Business Manager)

“I often found that my point of view was overlooked in meetings. I tended to either be a people pleaser or aggressive when I realised that I was being ignored or talked down. These sessions have enabled me to learn how to be more assertive and empowered me within my company. I only wish I had done this years ago and saved myself many a frustrating situation where I felt resentful and out of control.”
– Julia (Sales Manager)

The Trainer

Sioux Manning is a London trained Director in Theatre and Drama and a Motivational Facilitator for business people. With 25 years experience in theatre and business, she is able to both motivate and empower people; whether it be on a professional or personal level. Her unique style will very quickly enable you to excel as a public speaker in business, communicate more effectively, reduce nerves and be a dynamic and compelling speaker. Sioux also runs acting classes through Cutting Edge Drama. However, these sessions are not acting or drama. They are specifically tailored to business world expectations and demands